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Capital of Zimbabwe: Harare

Official Language: Zimbabwe has three official languages which includes English, Shona (a Bantu language), and Ndebele (also a Bantu language).

Population: 12,754,378 as of 2013

Currency: US Dollar

Time zone:  Central Africa Time (GMT+2)

Calling Code: +263

Economy: Mineral exports, agriculture, and tourism are the main foreign currency earners of Zimbabwe. It also has one of the largest reserves of Platinum. Zimbabwe is the biggest trading partner of South Africa on the continent.

Religion: Some 85% of Zimbabweans are Christian; 62% percent of the population attends religious services regularly. Besides Christianity, ancestral worship is the most practiced non-Christian religion, involving spiritual intercession.

Victoria Falls
Known for its beauty and prime safari destination, Victoria Falls offers one of the Seven Wonders of the World to visitors from all over the globe. The area is lush and inviting and it is no wonder why it is one of the most popular honeymoon and Zimbabwe tourist attractions. Unlike other African tourist destinations the Falls are an adventure seeker’s paradise. The entire area has more to offer than most Ghana tourist attractions.

Hwange National Park
Located within driving distance from Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park is one of the continent’s most famous game reserves. Known for its giant herds of elephants, Hwange is one of the most exciting Zimbabwe tourist attractions to see. The area is flooded with teak forests, grasslands, granite koppies and woodlands that support a hundred species of animals and over four hundred bird species.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins
Great place to explore the ruins of Great Zimbabwe and so different than the Nigeria tourist attractions.

Known as the commercial capital of Zimbabwe, Harare is one of the most popular Zimbabwe tourist attractions. Here you will find imported goods and textiles as steel, cotton and citrus. The area is near the airport and offers a variety of hotels.

Zambezi River
The Zambezi River can be witnessed in full swing at the Victoria Falls. When the river is flooded, the Falls are the largest falling water sheet on earth. There are other areas along the Zambezi that offer prime opportunities for canoeing and white water rafting along both the Upper and Lower Zambezi River. Zimbabwe tourist attractions are not complete until you witness this amazing flow of water.

Useful Tips: The people of Zimbabwe are known to be friendly, cheerful, and courteous. Family relations are very important. Blacks and white are usually at peace, but once in awhile the blacks are resentful because of inequalities. The appearance of wealth is highly valued. Not to be wealthy, but to look wealthy. To make eye contact with an elder is considered rude. Public affection is very rude, but friends of the same sex may hold hands.