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Capital: Taipei

Official Language: Traditional Chinese

Population: 23,315,822 as of 2013

Currency: Taiwan Dollar

Time zone: (UTC+8)

Calling Code: +866

Climate: Taiwan lies on the Tropic of Cancer, and its climate is marine tropical.The northern part of the island has a rainy season that lasts from January through late March during the northeast monsoon, and experiences meiyu in May. The entire island experiences hot, humid weather from June through September. The middle and southern parts of the island do not have an extended monsoon season during the winter months. Typhoons are common between July and October.

Religion: 26 religions recognized by the government, the five largest are: Buddhism (8,086,000 or 35.1%), Taoism (7,600,000 or 33%), I-Kuan Tao (810,000 or 3.5%), Protestantism (605,000 or 2.6%), and Roman Catholicism (298,000 or 1.3%)

Yangmingshan National Park
If your landscape is a priority during a vacation in Taipei, Yamingshan National Park should be the first destination that should not be missed. The park is located 30 minutes drive from the city center is surrounded by rocky cliffs, mountain meadows, and lakes are calm. The best time to visit is around February and March for the cherry blossoms are blooming and the gardens of colorful flowers that are being showcased finest colors.

Beitou Hot Springs
Actually there are a lot of hot water baths in Taipei, but the most famous area is in Beitou. This area is famous for its hot baths resort since 1986. With beautiful gardens, museums, and temples around the city, you must visit Beitou in Taipei during the holidays.

Building Chiang Kai-shek Memorial
Building Chiang Kai-shek Memorial is a landmark of Taipei are usually used to celebrate national events. In this white marble walled building, visitors can learn the history of Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of Taiwan to visit the 20th century museum located in the basement. For those of you who are not too interested in history, you can enjoy views of the garden hall is decorated by tasteful Chinese ceramic.

Martyr Shrine
The Martyrs' Shrine is dedicated to the people of Taiwan who sacrificed themselves in battle. Built in 1969, the temple architecture is reminiscent of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City, Beijing. Located on the mountain Chingsan, Shrine of the Martyrs is also present Keelung river view which is in the process of restoration by the Taipei government.

National Palace Museum
The museum is considered a very majestic as it has a collection of priceless antiquities from the country of Taiwan and China. Collection of Chinese-owned since Taiwan was chosen as a place to save objects of Chinese art at the time of the Sino-Japanese war and civil war in China. The collection, among others, various kinds of jade carvings and sculptures of boats made with olive seed material.

Longshan temple
Feels incomplete without a visit to Taipei when the ancient temple is very famous; Longshan Temple. In the temple built in 1738, you can see the statue of Guanyin Goddess of Compassion, a pair of dragon decoration in the hall, and the four dragons in the den. Everything is fine and perfectly chiseled

Taipei 101 tower
The skyscraper is located in downtown Taipei and just a few blocks from the Taipei World Trade Center. As the name implies, this tower has 101 floors and visitors can ride up 91 floors to see the sights of Taipei city from a height of 509 meters. To go to the top of the building, provided the world's fastest elevator to break the Guinness World of Record. Just in 37 seconds, you sped from the ground floor of 89 to see the sights.

Huaxi Night Market
If a visit to Taipei, do not miss the night market. This area is known for its variety of delicious foods are sold, such as meat soup, eel noodles, shrimp, and snake meat. One of the popular night market is Huaxi Night Market, located adjacent to the Longshan Temple.

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
This site is dedicated to Sun Yat-sen, the man considered the "father of the nation" in Taiwan and "forerunner of the revolution" in China. In it, you can find world-class performance hall, multimedia theater, and a very large library. Surrounding environment is very beautiful, there are lakes and extensive green gardens.

Useful Tips: Never stand your chopsticks up in your rice bowl - it is seen as food left for the dead, which is usually done at funerals. When beckoning someone over, eg a waiter, your hand should be palm down to be polite, not palm up as in the western world. Tapping your thumbs on the table is a compliment when eating

Tipping: There are other exceptions to the no-tipping culture too - for example, if you are adventurous and go to a spa or "beauty parlor".  You should slip the service person 10% or maybe 100 yuan (about $3USD) for good service.


Arriving at Taoyuan Airport, Meet and greet, transfer to hotel by private coach, after lunch, half day Taipei City tour, which includes the impressive C.K.S. Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum where 5,000 years of Chinese Imperial arts and jade collections are exhibited, Martyrs’ Shrine of traditional architecture, Taipei 101 Mall (exclude Observatory ticket), traditional Taiwanese temple, night market and Taipei Handicraft Center.
After breakfast, we proceed to Keelung to visit Chung Ching Park where you can view the huge statue of the Goddess of Mercy and also a panoramic view of Keelung Harbor. Then we continue to Yehliu famed for its numerous rock formations resembling a Queen’s head, Fairy Shoe and Lover’s Rock. Afternoon, drive to Northeast Coast, visit Pitou Cape and Nanya Rocks Formation then onward to Chiufen Village. The villages of Chiufen were once centers of gold mining in Taiwan. The gold is gone, but these quaint old villages, built of closely-packed houses clinging to steep mountainsides, continue to offer enchanting scenery and fascinating glimpses into the lifestyles of the past. Return to Taipei for overnight.
Morning visit picturesque town of Tamsui. See the Old Street, Riverside shopping and walking area, Lovers Bridge, Fisherman Wharf. Afternoon visit Yangmingshan National Park (NO Hot Spring bath arranged!). Evening visit and shopping biggest night market in Taipei – Shihlin.

Morning visit Window on China amusement park. Afternoon shopping in Taipei malls and shopping areas.

Day 05 DEPARTURE (B/--/--)
At leisure until time for check-out and departure transfer.


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