Maldives  -  Asia

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Capital: Republic of Maldives

Official Language: The official and common language is Dhivehi

Population: 328,536 as of 2013

Currency: Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR) 1 USD = 15.3799 MVR

Time zone: (UTC+8)

Calling Code: +866

Climate: The entire island experiences hot, humid weather from June through September.

Religion: Roman Catholicism

Useful Tips: The most likely danger is sunburn – don’t ever underestimate the power of the equatorial sun at midday on a bright, cloudless afternoon. Sadly many people do, and receive bad burning and exposure to dangerous UV rays. Ensure you sunbathe with a high-factor lotion the first couple of days and be particularly careful when snorkelling or travelling by boat (when the breeze can make it seem far cooler than it is).

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